In Search of Wisdom


In Search of Wisdom


All of us have questions about how best to live our lives, the people we should emulate and avoid. And what about all the little quirks we see in ourselves and others. At times, we just throw up our hands crying out, “Lord, give me wisdom” In Search of Wisdom answers that cry. Dr. Hicks explores the Biblical book of Proverbs on how we should relate to others. These people of proverbs illustrate the foolish and wise, hardworking and lazy, good and evil, rich and poor, kind and unloving plus many others. By studying their character and actions we gain insight into how to deal with the same kind of people and perhaps, see the negative traits in ourselves.

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Product Description

Type: Paperback
Pages: 253 pages
Publisher: Navpress
Edition: First Edition (March 1995)
Language: English


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