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Robert Michael Hicks

FEW CALL IT WAR - Religious Terrorism: Then and Now
Even though the US has been at war against terrorism for over a decade, few are willing to call it what it is: war. Few Call It War shows that the current crisis is not new or unique. Killing in the name of God is rooted in the history, teaching, and sacred scripture of all major religions. Unfortunately, secular Western societies dedicated to political correctness cannot embrace or understand the religious underpinnings of this most virulent violence, and the result leaves modern civilizations blind to and confused by realities of religious violence.

Size: 286 pages
Publisher: Morgan James, New York
ISBN: 1630477877
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Few Call It War

Read what people are saying about Robert Michael Hicks' new non-fiction book.

  • Robert Hicks has written a masterpiece in the study of religiously motivated terrorism. He has been fair in his critique of all religious violence, including movements within Judaism and even Christianity, yet avoids the type of moral equivalence that political correctness calls for -- where a lone wolf like Timothy McVeigh is regarded as no less dangerous than the leaders of al Qaeda or ISIS.

    - Robert L. Brenneman, PhD, Professor of Intercultural Studies at North Central University & Author of As Strong as the Mountains: Kurdish Cultural Journey
  • In a time when political leaders are reluctant to talk about faith, Dr. Hicks opens our eyes to the truth about 'religious terrorism'. He brings great academic acumen as a history professor and practical experience as a military chaplain to answer the question "For what would I be willing to kill someone?" A must read for those of all faiths, no faith, and evangelicals who love their country.

    - Chaplain, Major General Charles C. Baldwin, USAF (Retired)
  • The mixture of political ideology, religious values, and the willingness to engage in premeditated violence against innocent people for political gain is the combustable cocktail of religiously motivated terrorism. Dr. Hicks presents a highly readable and well documented account of the use and abuse of religion for violent political ends. He reminds us that no religion is immune from violence and that values have consequences. The is a book well worth reading. You will not be disappointed.

    - Timothy J. Demy, ThD, PhD & Co-author of In the Name of God: Understanding the Mindset of Terrorism
  • Chaplain Hicks factors in what so many 'experts' leave out... the critical role religion plays in the modern terrorist mind. His concluding 'out of the box' counter measures are worth the price of the book.

    - Major General John M. White, Air National Guard (Retired) & Former ANG Assistant to Air Combat Command
  • Chaplain Hicks has written a book that must be read by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and anyone who seeks to understand the terrorism we are seeing around the world every day. This is an objective and thoroughly researched book that dives deep into the details of the world's main religions and describes how both in the past and today these religions impact the nature of extremist terrorism that far too many seem to be afraid to tie to its religious roots and motivations. It is refreshingly frank and informative and I highly commend it to everyone who wants to learn more about extremism and religiously motivated terrorism.

    - Tom Hastings, US State Department Counter Terrorism Official & FBI Crisis Management Specialist (Retired)

          About The Author

          Robert Michael Hicks Chaplain, Professor, Event Speaker

          Dr. Robert Michael Hicks, a military chaplain of 32 years and a retired colonel of the United States Air Force, has also served as an undergraduate and graduate instructor at various institutions. Currently, he is adjunct professor of history at Belhaven University in Orlando, Florida. A published author of eleven books including bestsellers Masculine Journey and Failure to Scream, Hicks also regularly consults with military and law enforcement agencies and has made more than 300 radio and TV appearances.

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